Photography, Food and France

…..and relaxation have been the basis of Camerahols since we started in 2006. Our individually tailored courses, be it a couple of hours, a day, a long weekend or a 5 night stay, are run in a relaxed yet structured way producing an atmosphere that is conducive to honing your skills whilst enjoying the gastronomy and beautiful countryside of this little known part of France.




16 thoughts on “Camerahols

  1. I would love to take one of your courses – maybe someday! I have always loved “taking pictures” but am a beginner as far as photography. I absolutely adore food and nature digital photography which began with the desire to chronicle old family recipes. Now I am having more fun with the pictures than the cooking and baking (although that truly is my first love). I am learning and am thankful to sites like your that offer such inspiration.

  2. indeed the colors and the red ones are pretty in balance.What i find most attractive beside the atmosphere are the knife and fork in front of this image . As a kind of tension related the other ones. They are inviting me ๐Ÿ™‚ . Suppose you put them not symmetric or even randomly , That would increase the impression of a human presence. My idea , do not take me wrong, it let me think and gave me some ideas . The glas in front , left almost empty . A lovely place to stay and makes us all a bit jealous in a ‘health’ way ๐Ÿ™‚ grt bart

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